28 July, 2007


Hola hola again,

As I told you yesterday, there was a Spanish meeting with the only one mission of passing a good time together (and with a glass of Rioja wine...much better).

Muchos besos and cheers to everybody

27 July, 2007

Hola hola to everybody

Will it be true? Will I be able to include a message as a new post?
If that works I can go on holidays with the feeling that I'm a less technological disaster than I thought 5 minutes ago.

As interesting information I should tell you that Sara, Juan and me will have a lunch today (by the way I don't have any idea of where to go, but with the well-known Spanish spontaneity, we'll arrange this very fast) and as added information I'll bring my camera so I hope we can include a new summer picture after this event.

Well guys, my holidays start today so I hope to come back to this "excess world" after some weeks.

Have a nice summer wherevere you are and we'll keep in touch.

Besos to everybody

Polish update...and still going strong

dear friends
Yesterday Polish team after a nice dinner had a short "photo session" ;-).
As you can see - it would give us a great joy to welcome you here in Poland!
The programme depends on days off you will still have in September: so two versions occured:
- a short one: an unforgettable weekend in Warsaw :) (Juan's proposal is also perfect for us:14-16.09)
- a longer one: Warsaw + Cracow (arrival to Poland already on Thursday or Wednesday)

You will have a chance to become more familiar with POLISH organisation ;-)!

Edyta, Łukasz, Paweł and Anna

25 July, 2007

Spanish update

Hello everybody!

Today we have a nice day in Madrid, full of ETCR events.

Stefan (from DB) is around Madrid and we will try to meet him in Atocha before he leaves to Barcelona. After that there is a lunch of part of the spanish delegation, trying to find the equivalent of "Cafe du Teatre". We are only missing some rain, because we today we have a sunny day reaching 33ºC.

As requested by Sara, I send the picture of the group, including Etienne and Bernardette.

I've been checking my agenda, and I think I can make it to Warsav the weekend of 15-16th of September. Is ok that date? Anyone already booked to Dublin?

Keep in touch,

24 July, 2007

Still going strong....

This social program thing is quite fun so we are continuing.....

23 July, 2007



The social program continues here in Borlänge Sweden ;-) Part of the Swedish delegation has had a couple of drinks and a nice bbq. We miss you all and hope to see you soon (maybe in Poland? Italian organisation???) We found a Swedish equivalent to the Grand Café du Theatre deep in the Swedish woods where the public roads do not go. They play Pink Floyd music there and everyone is very happy!!!

/Sarah and Cecilia


Hello everybody !

I hope thay everbody has survived the first week after Brugge ... It was in my country but even then it has been a strange week: back to work after 2 weeks in another environment with all new people ! But I've seen Aneta and Koen in Brussels, so Brugge was not far away ... It's still raining in Belgium and the weather forecast stays the same for the whole week ... Life goes on: work, rain, social stuff, ... but next monday i'll go 1 week to Djerba so hope to see the sun ... :-)
Miss U all, see U later,

20 July, 2007

Hi every body and Hi Juan!

Juan, please, post your picture to the blog! It would be very nice!. I´m learning now how to manage this kind of stuff, this is my first experience with blogs!

My return to Madrid was ok but I had no time to have a rest during the weekend. After arriving to the Madrid airport I went to have dinner with some friends and on last Saturday I went on trip to the countryside. During the week I have gone out too. This weekend I´m going to Córdoba. So my social programm here is being very heavy too. However I haven´t found a substitute for Cafe du Theatre yet! If find it, I´ll post the picture of it!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Sara Trenas

18 July, 2007

On the Way to Grand Café du Théatre

As 1st post, let's start it with a partial view of Brugge.
Have FUN!