15 November, 2008

We're freezing...

We're freezing and we want to know when we are going to sunny and warm Porto ;-)

/(frozen) Swedish dancing queens

12 October, 2008

Stockholm Rocks!

Stockholm is very EU friendly...

But there are a lot of paparazzis around... Hey mate! Buzz off!

Starting very civilized. Being tourists!

Ooooups! What's this!? A party starting?

FINALLY a cash machine!

More paparazzis...

Some had a good time at the official dinner the next day.

This beautiful couple knows how to handle paparazzis!

Eh, don't try this at home folks, these drinks where leathal! Long island ice tea is apparently only for professionals...


Polish dancing queens!

Belgian dancing king?

ETCR friends!

No, we did not go home in this one...

But we did get home somehow!

Big hugs and thank you from the Swedish dancing queens(?)! See you in Porto and Krakow next year!

30 September, 2008

Prague in April (sorry for late)

Before Stockholm, I would like to give you very short resume from our last meeting.
As always during our meetings the atmosphere was fantastic. Prague is so wonderful city, we visited many places and tasted many kinds of Czech beers:))).
As you see, our meetings have own tradition, Carlos had a DJ session, just like in Warsaw. It was great night:)).
Thank you again Michale:)

04 September, 2008


Hi there,

As we are all railways people I expect that somebody of you is at the Innotrans this year. I'm there on Tuesday and Wednesday. Perhaps there is a possibility to meet for lunch. On Wednesday I'm on a party of Thales. So if somebody is also in Berlin during Innotrans I'm looking forward to meet you :-)

Cause Chaos


22 April, 2008

New Year's Eve in Zakopane (Poland)

Hello after long break.
Before the next ETCR meeting, a few pictures from the latest event in Zakopane (Poland).
It was a great time.
From ETCR crew were only I and Rene, but the rest of our company were also perfect :))).