27 September, 2007

Polish food!

Bon appétit!!!

A Track and a Train

As some of you asked me, here are the respective links for my DJ-Sessions played on 14th Sept '07 at Bar Pruderia and on 19th Sept '07 at Klub Saturator.

1) InterIndieCity Tracks @ Pruderia;

2) I Want Candy @ Saturator.

Follow the links!

Cheers Everyone!

24 September, 2007

Session in Saturator!

The journey ... to the place where music can save your life...

21 September, 2007

Old Praga in Warsaw.

This is special place,
where you can find the spirit of pre-war Warsaw…

19 September, 2007

First Life sign

Hi there,
after three turbulent months (new job - still at DB AG, new city, last exam at distance university, my brothers wedding ...) I´m back.
It seems I missed a lot of things. For everybody who is perhaps near Munich. From September 22. till Oktober 7. is Oktoberfest. More news will follow...

Take care and cause chaos

I forgot another important link:

18 September, 2007

Saturday Night Fever!!!

The best company, familiar music, great żubrówka and hell’s temperature also inside us...and of course friendly walls:) …
the dance-floor was our own private place...

17 September, 2007

Pruderia's session on Friday!

Surrealistic place at the end of the dark avenue.

16 September, 2007

30 minutes to the departure from Warsaw

Greetings from the Warsaw central station and Anna's office :-)

Anna, Carlos, Michal

14 September, 2007


the first evening

to be continued...:)))))))
Sarah, Cecilia, Michal, Carlos, Anna, Paweł, Łukasz, and Edyta.